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Rotary encoder application in the field of elevators!

Changchun Rongde Optics Co.,Ltd.   Release time:2018-11-07   Browse:1134

When selecting an elevator, the user is playing an important role in the advantages of compact structure, high power density, maintenance-free and high power efficiency. In order to feel more comfortable for passengers and to continuously improve quality, innovative and efficient drive systems are required, including motors and control systems.

The technical basis of this innovative system is a feedback system that provides position values so that the actual shaft speed of the motor can be determined in the control unit and the motor coils can be reversed at the correct phase.
A rotary encoder is such a position feedback unit. During the operation of the elevator, the following signals are calculated by the rotary encoder detection and software in real time: the position of the elevator floor, the position of the speed change point, and the position of the leveling point, thereby performing floor counting, issuing a speed change signal and a layer signal.
Absolute rotary encoders are more prominent in elevator applications. Because this rotary encoder has high resolution and uses pure serial transmission protocol (no additional incremental signals).

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