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Digital Band Switch

The band switch is widely applied to NC processing machinery,NC automation machinery, and instruments.The switch moves the postition of gear and outputs stable digital signals and controls the mode,sindle rate and feed rate of CNC machine control panel.
Miniaturization: 33.6 * 36.3mm
Rear operating panel length 25mm
Above 50,000 times guarantee
The closed integration structure: oil-proof, dust-proof, water-proof
Fewer wirings, time and effort saving
Easy setting, transform screws position to adjust the settings
Gold-plated double contacts ensure the stability and reliability.
Five rotation angles:13.85°, 15°, 20 27°, .69°, 30°.
Four digital modes: binary (positive and inverse) code, hexadecimal (positive and inverse) code (Error signal prevention)
Firm and reliable, Knob strength:3N·m
Waterproof grade: IP 40 non-waterproof; IP 65 waterproof

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Picture Model Digital Model Starting Point Set End Point Set Gear Angle Connection Type PDF Download
Digital Band Switch_Digital Band Switch RDN Hexadecimal Code/Binary Cyclic Code *、0- *、0- 13.85/15/30/20/27.69 Vertical Plug/Level Plug