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Elevator industry!

Changchun Rongde Optics Co.,Ltd.   Release time:2018-12-04   Browse:1107

In the elevator industry, sensors for straight ladders mainly include: photoelectric sensors for switch and level control of elevator doors; proximity sensors for brake confirmation, leveling control; encoders for elevator speed and direction control; The position of the elevator car is determined by the position sensor by calculating the movement pulses generated by the encoder.
Encoders for elevator speed and direction control are mainly installed on the traction machine. In addition, encoders are used for elevator door and hoistway measurements.
According to data released by the China Elevator Association, in 2011, the national elevator production and sales volume was about 450,000 units, including more than 400,000 straight ladders, all of which were installed with different numbers of encoders. In addition, the maintenance and repair of 2 million elevators in use is also the stock market for encoder applications. Currently, the size of encoders used in the elevator industry is second only to the machine tool field.
    There are two kinds of elevators: escalators and lifts; they all use encoders, and the encoders are mainly matched with the traction machine, and the inverter double-closed loop control can basically meet the requirements. On the basis of not adding hardware circuits, the existing rotary encoder can also constitute a position closed loop control while forming a speed closed loop.
    The output of the pulse encoder is generally A and A\, B and B\ two pairs of differential signals, which can be used for position and velocity measurement. A and A\, B and B\ four square waves are introduced into the PG card. After multiplying by the multiplying factor, it becomes a measuring stroke representing the displacement, and is introduced to the PLC high-speed counting end for position control. The system uses a relative counting method for position measurement. Before the operation, the signals corresponding to each signal, such as the position of the speed change point, the position of the leveling point, the position of the brake stop point, etc., are respectively stored in the corresponding memory unit, and the rotary encoder is passed during the running of the elevator. The detection and software calculate the following signals in real time: the position of the elevator floor, the position of the speed change point, and the position of the leveling point, thereby performing floor counting, issuing a speed change signal and a layer signal.

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