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How is the encoder used in various industries?!

Changchun Rongde Optics Co.,Ltd.   Release time:2019-01-03   Browse:1130

Rotary encoders are widely used in modern applications such as CNC machine tools, packaging machinery, printing equipment, elevators, robots, conveyor belts, wind power, cranes, etc.

CNC machine tools use a rotary encoder to precisely control the tool and table; the elevator uses a rotary encoder to confirm the car floor; the conveyor uses a rotary encoder to monitor the speed and the distance the object moves on the conveyor belt; the robot uses a rotary encoder to monitor the tool position and drive Axis movement; rotary encoder controls the position of the crane, measures the speed of the crane, protects the overspeed; wind power uses a rotary encoder to control the blade angle and the speed of wind power generation; packaging machinery uses a rotary encoder to measure the length of the target and calculate the number of packaging films The printing equipment uses a rotary encoder to calculate the length of the paper, and confirms the cutting position and so on. This shows that the rotary encoder is widely used in modern industry. The rotary encoders have various dimensions and installation methods, according to the user. Demand can be customized, regular size company long-term stocking.

The rotary encoder has an incremental encoder, an absolute encoder, an incremental encoder with a solid shaft, a hollow shaft (semi-hollow shaft) encoder, an absolute encoder with a solid shaft, and a hollow shaft (semi-hollow shaft) encoder. The rotary absolute encoder is further divided into a single-turn absolute encoder and a multi-turn absolute encoder.

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