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ROUNDSS CGNMH series gear teeth encoder replace L+B, LENORD and BAUER encoders .!

Changchun Rongde Optics Co.,Ltd.   Release time:2020-12-29   Browse:68

Our CGNMH series gear teeth encoder can replace L+B, LENORD and BAUER encoders .

L+B reading head GEL2444KZPG5K150 spindle supporting.
Demag Spindle and Amag Spindle Conventional Accessories.
eg:       Type: GEL2444KMPG3K150-
             S/N: 1903000439
                 V: 5VDC+/-5%
                Ip: 68
            Type: GEL2444KZ1G5K150-
              S/N: 1903000439
                 V: 5VDC+/-5%
          Signal: Sin/Cos-Signal 1 Vss
        Ref.Sig.: Zahn auf Zshn
           Mod.: Modul 0,5
                Ip: 68
444KMPG3K150-encoder 2444KMPG5K150-encoder 2444KNPG3K150-encoder 2444KNPG5K150-encoder 2444KZPG3K150-encoder 2444KZPG5K150-encoder
1: LENORD+BAUER speed sensor
2: LENORD+BAUER encoder
3: LENORD+BAUER speed sensor
4: LENORD+BAUER controller
5: LENORD+BAUER temperature sensor
6: LENORD+BAUER pulse generator
7: LENORD+BAUER speed sensor
2442KN1G3K030-E, 2442KN1G3K050-E, 2442KN1G3K150-E, 2442KN1G3K250-E,
2442KNRG3K030-E, 2442KNRG3K050-E, 2442KNRG3K150-E, 2442KNRG3K250-E,
2442KN1G5K030-E, 2442KN1G5K050-E, 2442KN1G5K150-E, 2442KN1G5K250-E,
2442KNRG5K030-E, 2442KNRG5K050-E, 2442KNRG5K150-E, 2442KNRG5K250-E,
2442KZ1G3K030-E, 2442KZ1G3K050-E, 2442KZ1G3K150-E, 2442KZ1G3K250-E,
2442KZRG3K030-E, 2442KZRG3K050-E, 2442KZRG3K150-E, 2442KZRG3K250-E,
2442KZ1G5K030-E, 2442KZ1G5K050-E, 2442KZ1G5K150-E, 2442KZ1G5K250-E,
2442KZRG5K030-E, 2442KZRG5K050-E, 2442KZRG5K150-E, 2442KZRG5K250-E,
2442KM1G3K030-E, 2442KM1G3K050-E, 2442KM1G3K150-E, 2442KM1G3K250-E,
CGNMH series gear teeth encoder catalog is attached,pls check.


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