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Application of rotary encoder in robotic arm of automation field!

Changchun Rongde Optics Co.,Ltd.   Release time:2018-11-12   Browse:1166

Widely used in the field of continuous development of automation, on the accurate measurement, measurement equipment, object positioning equipment, absolute value encoder is more and more widely used because it is absolutely unique, anti-interference, no power-down memory. Angle, length measurement and positioning control in various industrial systems and in robotic arms, and has great advantages in robotic arms.
In general, feedback on the position information of each dimension of the robot requires an absolute encoder to provide feedback. In the application of high-precision robotic arms, such as robotic robots for semiconductor automation, it is also considered to work with the encoder to provide multi-turn position information of up to tens of positions, providing the necessary feedback for precise control of the robot arm.

Some absolute rotary encoders can detect motion information of 12,000 revolutions per minute, and the response is very sensitive. The position information of the robot can be used to calculate the motion speed of the robot arm. For the moving position of the multi-dimensional robot arm, the absolute encoder can be read by the main controller when it is powered up, which has great advantages for the incremental encoder.

For the design of the robot arm, the absolute encoder has the advantages of high precision, high sensitivity, small size and modular design, which can be better applied to it.
In the multi-turn photoelectric absolute encoder application, since the position information does not require battery power or other storage, it can be easily read after the system is powered on. These advantages are unmatched by the incremental encoder. Absolute encoders are highly accurate, high sensitivity, fast response, small size, modular design, etc. They can be well used in gate opening control, robotic arm, and high precision position control components.

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