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2019 India Bangalore International Machine Tool Show!

Changchun Rongde Optics Co.,Ltd.   Release time:2018-11-15   Browse:1339

IMTEX 2019
Exhibition time: January 24-30, 2019
Venue: Bangalore International Exhibition Center, India
Exhibition type: Machine tool exhibition
Exhibition cycle: one year
First held: 1999
Number of exhibitors: 504 exhibitors (2018)
Professional audience: 36,000 (2018)
Audience range: only open to professional visitors (free admission after registration)
exhibition criteria
1. Metal forming: profiles, pipes, casting, die casting, extrusion, forging, hydroforming, precision casting, joining and welding, metal spinning and flow formation, powder metallurgy, balance sheet work, forming lines, raw materials;
2, plastic molding: pre-treatment / recycling of machinery and equipment, machinery, parts, industrial equipment processing, raw materials, follow-up equipment, equipment testing, quality assurance, welding machine;
3. Other molding equipment: composite materials, electromagnetic pulse formation, engineering ceramics, explosive forming, shape memory alloy, metal injection molding, raw materials, metal rapid prototyping technology;
4, tools: metal processing tools, machine tool accessories and accessories, tools, fixtures, abrasives, superhard materials
Materials and tools, inspection and measurement equipment, sensors, diagnostic tools and equipment, CNC systems, digital display and machine tools, electric and pneumatic tools, CAD/CAM, inspection and balancing equipment, hydraulic and pneumatic systems and equipment.

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