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How to add an encoder to a stepper motor?!

Changchun Rongde Optics Co.,Ltd.   Release time:2018-11-22   Browse:1087

Although the stepping motor is a precisely controllable device, it is open-loop, and an encoder is required to implement closed-loop feedback control. The stepping motor can be measured for out-of-step and rotation or moving speed for dynamic speed control. For this kind of statement, Xiao Bian feels that the first open-loop control requires the encoder to achieve closed-loop feedback. It is understandable, because Xiaobian himself is in use, and occasionally the stepping motor's line connection is not good, resulting in stepping. The motor did not work properly. For the second point stepper motor speed control is not necessary, because by controlling the pulse frequency of the stepper motor can already achieve speed control, it is really not necessary to use external feedback.

Stepper motor plus coding is a bit of a rib, which is a waste of resources; because the stepper motor can't respond in real time, there must be an acceleration deceleration process;

Using an oriental stepping motor with a harmonic reducer, the reduction ratio is 100:1 step angle: 0.0072°. If you want to add an encoder to prevent lost steps, etc., the following are the methods:

In principle, it is also possible to mount the motor at one end of the screw and the encoder at the other end. However, this will be affected by the accuracy of the reducer, and there may be a misjudgment of lost steps. It is best to add the encoder to the motor with dual output shafts, and add the encoder to the rear end of the motor. The servo motor does this unless you are special use or conditional (no double output). Generally, it is possible to process 2,500 lines, and the number of lines is too high.

In addition, the resolution of the encoder is roughly the same as the resolution of your stepper motor. If the subdivision on the drive is very high and you only want to detect if it is lost, the resolution of the encoder can be as long as it is equal to or slightly higher than the resolution before the subdivision.

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