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Secrets of HEIDENHAIN ERN1387 !

Changchun Rongde Optics Co.,Ltd.   Release time:2021-01-05   Browse:851

Secrets of HEIDENHAIN ERN1387

The influence of encoder accuracy on servo control

The precision of mechanical installation is maximized, and the rigid tapered surface connection without the loss of coupling angle deviation.

The encoder system has high precision, reaching better than 20 arc seconds.

The output sine and cosine signal is perfect, the deviation is small (less than 1%), and the differential signal transmission distance of 150 meters is strong against interference. The experience of directly facing the elevator passengers without the cover of the transmission system blocks other competitors who have unstable acceleration due to insufficient encoder accuracy.

In the elevator operation where the load changes due to different occupants, when the elevator with ERN1387 encoder experiences acceleration changes from stop to high speed, and then from high speed to stop, the high accuracy of the encoder output angle signal helps the servo control always With a stable current loop, and obtaining the same stable and changing car acceleration curve, the passengers in the elevator car feel very comfortable.

If you ignore the importance of encoder accuracy, and only rely on subdivision to obtain a high-resolution encoder, the servo control current loop will be unstable, and the changing acceleration curve will not be smooth. Because the synchronous elevator is directly driven without a deceleration device Yes, the passengers in the elevator car will directly feel the uneven acceleration of the elevator and feel dizzy and flustered, and they have to complain to the elevator manufacturer.


The REN58U


encoder produced by our company can completely replace HEIDENHAIN ERN1387. The encoder has high precision and outputs perfect sine and cosine signals, so that the elevator will accelerate the temperature and passengers will not feel dizzy. Please refer to the link below for specific parameters. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us.

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