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ROUNDSS RSA, RSB MPG could replace NEMICOM HP-L01-2D;HP-V0025-2H!

Changchun Rongde Optics Co.,Ltd.   Release time:2021-01-18   Browse:847


ROUNDSS RSA model Manual Pulse Generator


ROUNDSS RSB model Hand Pandent


Product model: HP-L01-2D;HP-V0025-2H;

MANUALPULSEGENERATOR (also known as electronic hand wheel, hand pulse generator, hand pulse generator, pulse generator, etc.)

The MANUALPULSEGENERATOR is suitable for Mitsubishi series E60,M64,M64S and FANAC Fanac CNC control system, according to the following models and different supply voltage selection.It is suitable for teaching CNC machine working origin setting, step fine tuning and interrupt insertion and other actions.

In addition, it is also widely used in printing machinery.Features of the HP-L01 series.

Super plastic shell.High quality spring cable with safety switch (option) provides 25PPR and 100PPR pulse wave number output.Output signal: A phase, B phase output form: voltage output, open collector output, long wire drive output, response frequency: 5KHz voltage: 5V-12V.5 v or 12 v with power indicator light (LED, DC12V ~ 24 v) special spring cable way, the standard connection wire guarantee stretching 200000 times life simple and easy installation, high compatibility non-contact optical detection structure: one million times after using precision constant appearance

size: 150 * 76 * Ф 34 [shell]


HP-L01-2D PL3-300-00 HP-L01-2D PL0-300-00 HP-L01-2D PL0-500-00 HP-L01-2D PL1-300-00 HP-L01-2D PL1-500-00 HP-L01-2D PL2-300-00 HP-L01-2D PL2-500-00 HP-L01-2D PL3-500-00 HP-L01-2D PL3-500-38 HP-L01-2Z1 PL0-300-00 HP-L01-2Z1 PL0-500-00 HP-L01-2Z1 PL1-300-00 HP-L01-2Z1 PL1-500-00 HP-L01-2Z1 PL2-300-00 HP-L01-2Z1 PL2-500-00 HP-L01-2Z1 PL3-300-00 HP-L01-2Z1 PL3-500-00 HP-L01-2Z9 PL0-300-00 HP-L01-2Z9 PL0-500-00 HP-L01-2Z9 PL1-300-00 HP-L01-2Z9 PL1-500-00 HP-L01-2Z9 PL2-300-00 HP-L01-2Z9 PL2-500-00 HP-L01-2Z9 PL3-300-00 HP-L01-2Z9 PL3-500-00 HP-V0025-2H-PL0-300-00 HP-V0025-2H-PL3-500-00

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