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Absolute Encoder

Absolute encoders are position feedback devices that report absolute positional information. An absolute encoder generates a unique code for each position. Absolute encoders do not lose position when power is removed. Since each position is unique, true position verification is available as soon as power is up. It is not necessary to initialize the system by returning to home base.

  • Multi-turn Absolute Encoder

In a multi turn absolute encoder, the output is unique for each shaft position through every rotation up to x number of revolutions.
Multi turn absolute encoders are used when a full range of positioning in the application requires multiple turns of the encoder shaft – an example of this is lead and ball screw applications.

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Picture Model Outer Dia.
Shaft Dia.
Accuracy Operating Voltage Interface Max Mechanical Speed
Protection Class Operating Temperature pdf
Absolute Encoder_Multi-turn Absolute Encoder RDE74T 74 25 20/16bit +/-0.2 5V BiSS – C 4500 IP50 -10℃ to +110℃
Absolute Encoder_Multi-turn Absolute Encoder RAA58S 58 10 23bit ≥±10˝ DC5V/10-30V RS485,RS422,RS488,SSI,BISS,Canopen 8000 IP65 -40℃- +85℃
Absolute Encoder_Multi-turn Absolute Encoder RD108T40 108 40 19/12 bit ±10″ DC5V±5%/DC9-30V RS485/RS422/RS232/SSI/MODBUS 600 IP54 -20(-40)-+65℃
Absolute Encoder_Multi-turn Absolute Encoder RD94T30 94 30 20/12 bit ±7.5″ DC5V±5%/DC9-30V RS485/RS422/RS232/SSI/MODBUS 1000 IP54 -20(-40)-+65℃
Absolute Encoder_Multi-turn Absolute Encoder RD42S 42 6 16/12 bit ±20″ DC5V±5%/DC9-30V RS485/RS422/RS232/SSI 1000 IP64 20(-40)-+65℃