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CNC Spindle Encoder

The spindle encoder is mainly applied to CNC machines.The sychronis pulses from encoder is collected by CNC system and then the feeding data of tools are sent to servo motor to perform the motion.

  • Gear ring Encoder

The encoder combines advanced readhead based on American TMR sensor and gear ring together to reach high sensitivity and response speed.

Features:Non-contact sensing technology between readhead and ring;multiple rings demensions for wide applications;could be used in harsh environment;IP 68 for readhead.

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Picture Model Outer Dia.
Max Hole Dia.
Output Signal Operating Voltage Max Mechanical Speed(r/min) pdf Download
CNC Spindle Encoder_Gear ring Encoder CGNMH 39-513mm Optional 128-1024ppr 1Vpp/TTL DC5V 5000

Output Signal Definition:
C:open collector;E:voltage;F:pushpull;L:line driver; A:wide voltage line driver