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CNC Spindle Encoder

The spindle encoder is mainly applied to CNC machines.The sychronis pulses from encoder is collected by CNC system and then the feeding data of tools are sent to servo motor to perform the motion.

  • Optical bearless spindle encoder

Application:CNC lathe


1.Long life and saving cost.The Grating component of encoder is directly connected to lathe spindle without the aid of flexible couplings,flange and synchronous pulley,which saves the cost of mounting accessory.The bearingless non-contact design reduces the mechanical loss and ensures higher life.
2.Reliable performance.American original parts and chips, and integrated photoelectric switch module are adopted by STS series encoder to ensure stable and reliable quality.The disc with special material could resist high temperature and three times of vibration than regular encoder.

[Manual Download]

Picture Model Outer Dia.
Max Hole Dia.
Output Signal Operating Voltage Max Mechanical Speed(r/min) pdf Download
CNC Spindle Encoder_Optical bearless spindle encoder IEC Flange Encoder71B5/90B14a 10mA 12-24V
CNC Spindle Encoder_Optical bearless spindle encoder STS256T 256 130 2048ppr L DC5±0.25V 5000
CNC Spindle Encoder_Optical bearless spindle encoder STS185T 185 76/95/100 1024ppr L DC5±0.25V 10000

Output Signal Definition:
C:open collector;E:voltage;F:pushpull;L:line driver; A:wide voltage line driver